This function will attempt to unwarp the current document or its portion, defined by a quadrangle path, to rectangular layer.

Pen Tool

To define grids, Pen Tool is used. Use it in Path mode. Learn more in Interface and Settings section.


Unwarping a layer

  1. Make one quadrangle path: note that point order is important, read more
  2. Realign it automatically if necessary (see below)
  3. Hit De-perspective button
  4. Quadrangle portion of the image will be converted to rectangular Smart Object. Note that bottom layer (cont) may be quite blurry, it’s best to be used for references only and it should be switched off if not needed
  5. Since resulting layer is a Smart Object, hitting Ctrl/Cmd+T for free transorm will allow to further modify it in perspective.

Aligning a quadrangle within grids

Use a Fix Paths function to quickly align active quadrangle paths with existing perspective or parallel grids


Unwarping a document

If the current document has two visible perspective layers and no path for deperspective, the whole document will be unwarped. This can be useful to extract quadrangle details or textures for further modifying them without creating paths new smart objects.


Converting a 3-points perspective to 2-points

If the current document has a visible Y perspective layer and two visible perspective layers OR a Horizon layer, the document will be unwarped in a way so Y grid will become vertical, eliminating the vertical contraction.


Note that it’s possible to restore the path that was used to unwarp the document (using Fix Paths function) and re-warp it to the original perspective