Release Log

18 May 2020: PT 2.4.3

  • CC: fixed a rare occurrence of the panel crashing PT2 on some Photoshops
  • CC: an option to hide/show gif helpers in the flyout menu (CC2014+). Gifs were causing slowdowns on Mac Catalina

19 Dec 2019: PT 2.4.2

  • CC: Installers were updated to work with Photoshop 2020
  • CC: small fixes
  • CS6: fixed de-perspective not working in some cases (again)
  • Added EULA

9 May 2019: PT 2.4.1

  • CS6: fixed de-perspective not working in some cases
  • CC: slight changes in UI

25 Nov 2018: PT 2.4.0

  • Possible to recreate paths for newly created Warp and Deperspective layers using Fix Paths command
  • Deperspective can unwarp 2-points path
  • When no paths and two grids are presented, Deperspective will unwarp the whole document
  • When Horizon and Y grid are presented, Deperspective will unwarp the document to 2p perspective
  • Installers updated for CC2019
  • Some fixes

22 Mar 2018: PT 2.3.0

  • Parallel and distant grids are more memory-efficient
  • It’s possible to create two drids from one 4-points quadrangle path
  • Create High Density Grids from selection
  • New manual:
  • Some fixes

16 Nov 2017: PT 2.2.3

  • Panel is resizable once again in PS CC2018

24 May 2017: PT 2.2.2

  • New grids respect default grid color, set in Ctrl/Cmd+Create Grid menu
  • Grid Width is a multiplier instead of absolute value
  • Fixed broken tip-gif for Change Points Order

14 Apr 2017: PT 2.2.1

  • fixed Recolor error in CS6 version

28 Mar 2017: PT 2.2.0

  • New De-Perspective algorithm, works in CS6
  • Fix Paths and Autowarp work with Parallel grids
  • Create VPs on Horizon line with 1 path
  • All functions are available as scripts, assign them to hotkeys or use on Brusherator
  • Change new Horizon density with Ctrl/Cmd-Click on Horizon button
  • Change grid color to custom with Ctrl/Cmd-Click on Recolor button
  • Creating grids is 20-50% faster
  • probably fixed something

26 Aug 2016: PT 2.1.0

  • CS6 version
  • New warp mode — Autowarp: use Warp with 2 visible Persp layers and no paths
  • Fix Path now works with multiple paths
  • Warp now works with multiple paths
  • Fix Paths now can work with 2-points paths
  • Change Points Order shows points order
  • Mirroring paths (Shift+Change Points Order) works differently
  • Warped layers keep opacity/blending modes
  • Fixed Bezier Warp weird document canvas changes
  • Fixed weird results with De-perspective when path points are outside of active document boundaries
  • Fixed reset of perspective layer color when recreating a grid layer
  • Alt+Click opens correct video link instead of ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ by Rick Astley

18 Jul 2016: PT 2.0.2

  • Fixed Fix Paths which I broke in 2.0.1

18 Jul 2016: PT 2.0.1

  • Fixed Re-color for users of non-English Photoshop
  • Remote VPs don’t create huge files (‘Can’t save .psd file because it’s larger than 2GB’ error)

10 Jul 2016: PT 2.0

  • initial release