This function will warp selected layer to a plane, defined by a quadrangle.

Pen Tool

To define grids, Pen Tool is used. Use it in Path mode. Learn more in Interface and Settings section.


Warping a layer

  1. Make one or several quadrangle paths: note that point order is important, read more
  2. Realign them automatically if necessary (see below)
  3. Hit Warp button
  4. Resulting layer is a Smart Object, hitting Ctrl/Cmd+T for free transorm will allow to further modify it in perspective.

Aligning a quadrangle within grids

Use a Fix Paths function to quickly align active quadrangle paths with existing perspective or parallel grids


Aligning warped layer

Warped layer will be made a smart object, which means that it can be further transformed in perspective and original layer can be changed


Auto Warp

If two grid layers are visible, it’s possible to use Warp without making a quadrangle path. Note that it’s usually necessary to modify a resulting layer.

  • If you hold Ctrl/Cmd while using automatic Warp, only warp-path is created.